Meaning of emit in English

To send or give out.

Synonyms Abnegates,Afford,Beam,Belch,Breathe,Drip,Eject,Emanate,Evacuate,Excrete,Exhale,Expectorate,Expel,Expend,Expire,Extrude,Exude,Issue,Jet,Loose,Ooze,Pass,Perspire,Pour,Radiate,Reek,Secrete,Shed,Shoot,Speak,Spew,Spill,Spit,Squirt,Transmit,Utter,Vent,Void,Vomit,Yield,Purge,Pronounce,Give Off,
Antonyms Allow,Conceal,Contain,Deny,Hide,Hold,Keep,Permit,Refrain,Refuse,Repress,Suppress,Take,Veto,Withhold,Take In,Be Quiet,

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