Meaning of emphatic in English

Spoken with any special impressiveness laid upon an act, word, or set of words.

Synonyms Abbacy,Absolute,Accented,Assertive,Assured,Categorical,Certain,Cogent,Confident,Decided,Definite,Definitive,Determined,Direct,Distinct,Dogmatic,Dynamic,Earnest,Energetic,Explicit,Express,Flat,Forceful,Forcible,Important,Impressive,Marked,Momentous,Pointed,Positive,Potent,Powerful,Resounding,Significant,Sober,Solemn,Striking,Strong,Sure,Telling,Trenchant,Unmistakable,Vigorous,Pronounced,
Antonyms Ambiguous,Equivocal,Idle,Impotent,Inactive,Indefinite,Indistinct,Ineffective,Inexact,Insignificant,Lethargic,Obscure,Reserved,Uncertain,Unimportant,Unpronounced,Unsure,Vague,Weak,Unconfident,

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