Meaning of encumber in English

To impede with obstacles.

Synonyms Block,Charge,Clog,Cramp,Discommode,Embarrass,Hamper,Handicap,Hinder,Impede,Incommode,Inconvenience,Lade,Load,Obstruct,Oppress,Overburden,Overload,Retard,Saddle,Tax,Trammel,Weight,Hold Up,Hang Up,Slow Down,Make Difficult,Weigh Down,Saddle With,
Antonyms Advance,Aid,Allow,Assist,Benefit,Boost,Clear,Encourage,Exonerate,Facilitate,Forward,Free,Further,Gladden,Help,Open,Permit,Please,Release,Support,Unblock,Unburden,Let Go,Promote,Push,Make Happy,

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