Meaning of endurance in English

The ability to suffer pain, distress, hardship, or stress of any kind without succumbing.

Synonyms Ability,Allowance,Backbone,Bearing,Begorra,Capacity,Continuing,Cool,Coolness,Courage,Enduring,Fortitude,Grit,Guts,Heart,Mettle,Moxie,Patience,Perseverance,Persistence,Pertinacity,Pluck,Resignation,Resistance,Resolution,Restraint,Spunk,Stamina,Standing,Starch,Strength,Submission,Sufferance,Suffering,Tenacity,Tolerance,Toleration,Vitality,Will,Gutsiness,Holding Up,
Antonyms Apathy,Compliance,Cowardice,End,Fear,Idleness,Impotence,Inability,Incompetence,Indifference,Indolence,Intolerance,Lack,Laziness,Lethargy,Resistance,Timidity,Weakness,Fleetingness,

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