Meaning of engender in English

To produce.

Synonyms Arouse,Beget,Breed,Create,Develop,Excite,Foment,Generate,Hatch,Incite,Induce,Instigate,Make,Muster,Occasion,Precipitate,Quicken,Rouse,Spawn,Stimulate,Stir,Produce,Procreate,Bring About,Give Rise To,Lead To,Provoke,Propagate,Work Up,Bring Forth,
Antonyms Calm,Destroy,Discourage,Dull,Finish,Halt,Kill,Repress,Ruin,Stop,Wait,Prevent,

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Word of the Day

English Word aloof
Meaning not involved in something; showing no interest in people
Urdu Meaning بے تعلق