Meaning of enlighten in English

To cause to see clearly.

Synonyms Acquaint,Advise,Apprise,Brief,Catechize,Civilize,Convert,Counsel,Direct,Disclose,Divulge,Edify,Educate,Elucidate,Guide,Illume,Illuminate,Illumine,Imitate,Improve,Inculcate,Indoctrinate,Inform,Inspirit,Instruct,Persuade,Preach,Reveal,Save,School,Teach,Tell,Train,Update,Uplift,Open Up,Put On To,Give The Word,Let In On,Give Faith,Give The Lowdown,
Antonyms Bewilder,Conceal,Confound,Confuse,Deceive,Delude,Harm,Hide,Hurt,Keep,Learn,Listen,Misguide,Mislead,Neglect,Obscure,Secrete,Suppress,Puzzle,Be Vague,

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Word of the Day

English Word monograph
Meaning A treatise discussing a single subject or branch of a subject.
Synonyms Discourse,Dissertation,Essay,Thesis,Tract,Treatise,
Urdu Meaning ایک ہی مضمون کا بیان