Meaning of enlist in English

To enter voluntarily the military service by formal enrollment.

Synonyms Admit,Appoint,Assign,Attract,Conscript,Draft,Embody,Employ,Engage,Enroll,Enter,Gather,Get,Hire,Hitch,Incorporate,Induct,Initiate,Inscribe,Interest,Join,Levy,List,Mobilize,Muster,Oblige,Obtain,Place,Record,Recruit,Register,Reserve,Secure,Serve,Volunteer,Take On,Procure,Enter Into,Call To Arms,Call Up,Conscribe,
Antonyms Avoid,Cancel,Discharge,Dismiss,Divide,Dodge,Eject,Exclude,Expel,Fire,Forfeit,Forget,Ignore,Leave,Lose,Oust,Refrain,Refuse,Reject,Remove,Repel,Separate,Shun,Stop,Unfasten,Withdraw,Let Go,Lay Off,

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