Meaning of enthrone in English

To invest with sovereign power.

Synonyms Adorn,Arm,Authorize,Commission,Coronate,Delegate,Determine,Dower,Enable,Endow,Endue,Ennoble,Erect,Establish,Exalt,Festoon,Fix,Heighten,Honor,Inaugurate,Induct,Install,Invest,Raise,Sanction,Settle,Stabilize,Strengthen,Set Up,
Antonyms Change,Confuse,Denounce,Destroy,Disallow,Dishonor,Disregard,Fine,Hurt,Ignore,Neglect,Raze,Stop,Unsettle,Weaken,Prevent,Punish,

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English Word Afterword
Meaning ?a section at the end of a book that says something about the main text, and may be written by a different author
Urdu Meaning کِتاب کے آخِر میں خصوصاً مُصنِف کے عِلاوہ کِسی اور کے تاثرات ، پسِ نوشت ، حرف آخر