Meaning of enthuse in English

To yield to or display intense and rapturous feeling.

Synonyms Fondle,Gush,Pet,Rave,Rhapsodize,Rhapsody,Spoil,Want,Dote On,Lick Chops,Slobber Over,
Antonyms Bore,Calm,Comfort,Compose,Deaden,Depress,Discourage,Dull,Expect,Pacify,Quiet,

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Word of the Day

English Word intensive
Meaning Adding emphasis or force.
Synonyms Accelerated,Complete,Comprehensive,Concentrated,Deep,Demanding,Fast,Hard,Radical,Severe,Thorough,Thoroughgoing,Profound,
Antonyms Incomplete,Superficial,Surface,Incomprehensive,
Urdu Meaning پھیلا ہوا