Meaning of equivocate in English

To use words of double meaning.

Synonyms Cavil,Con,Dodge,Elude,Escape,Eschew,Evade,Falsify,Fence,Fib,Fudge,Hedge,Jive,Lie,Palter,Parry,Quibble,Shuck,Shuffle,Sidestep,Stonewall,Tergiversate,Waffle,Weasel,Cop Out,Cover Up,Beat Around The Bush,Beg The Question,Pussyfoot,Prevaricate,Blow Hot And Cold,Pass The Buck,Cop A Plea,Cloud The Issue,Give Run Around,
Antonyms Confront,Encounter,Face,Meet,Release,Take On,Tell Truth,Be Honest,Speak On,

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