Meaning of eradicate in English

To destroy thoroughly.

Synonyms Abate,Abolish,Annihilate,Demolish,Deracinate,Efface,Eliminate,Erase,Expunge,Exterminate,Extinguish,Extirpate,Liquidate,Obliterate,Off,Raze,Scratch,Scrub,Squash,Torpedo,Total,Trash,Uproot,Waste,Take Out,Wipe Out,Stamp Out,Purge,Wash Out,Do Away With,Weed Out,Blot Out,Root Out,Shoot Down,Unroot,
Antonyms Aid,Assist,Bear,Build,Construct,Create,Establish,Fix,Help,Institute,Keep,Plant,Ratify,Schedule,Set Up,

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