Meaning of essence in English

That which makes a thing to be what it is.

Synonyms Acclivity,Aspect,Attribute,Backbone,Base,Basis,Being,Bottom,Burden,Caliber,Character,Constitution,Core,Crux,Element,Entity,Essentiality,Fiber,Form,Fundamentals,Germ,Kernel,Life,Marrow,Meaning,Meat,Nature,Nub,Nucleus,Pith,Point,Quality,Quintessence,Reality,Root,Soul,Spirit,Structure,Substance,Timber,Vein,Bottom Line,Principle,
Antonyms Abstract,Exterior,Outside,Top,Exteriority,

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Word of the Day

English Word equilibrium
Meaning A state of balance.
Synonyms Calm,Calmness,Composure,Cool,Coolness,Counterbalance,Counterpoise,Equanimity,Equipoise,Poise,Polish,Rest,Serenity,Stability,Stasis,Steadiness,Steadying,Symmetry,
Antonyms Agitation,Excitement,Imbalance,Unevenness,
Urdu Meaning توازن