Meaning of evade in English

To avoid by artifice.

Synonyms Aadil,Avoid,Baffle,Balk,Bypass,Cavil,Circumvent,Conceal,Confuse,Deceive,Decline,Dodge,Double,Duck,Elude,Equivocate,Escape,Eschew,Fence,Flee,Fly,Fudge,Hedge,Hide,Lie,Parry,Shift,Shirk,Shuck,Shuffle,Shun,Shy,Sidestep,Tergiversate,Trick,Waffle,Weasel,Cop Out,Put Off,Pussyfoot,Prevaricate,Fend Off,Pretend,
Antonyms Accept,Aid,Confront,Disclose,Divulge,Encounter,Enlighten,Explain,Expose,Face,Help,Meet,Open,Order,Organize,Release,Remain,Reveal,Show,Stay,Tell,Uncover,Take On,Tell Truth,Lay Bare,Clear Up,Let Out,Be Honest,

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