Meaning of evolve in English

To unfold or expand.

Synonyms Advance,Derive,Disclose,Educe,Elaborate,Emerge,Enlarge,Excogitate,Expand,Get,Grow,Increase,Mature,Obtain,Open,Result,Ripen,Unfold,Work Out,
Antonyms ock,Decrease,Diminish,Halt,Hide,Leave,Lessen,Lose,Stop,

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Word of the Day

English Word Abider
Urdu Meaning بَرداشت کَرنے والا ، پَیروی کَرنے والا شَخص ، تَعمیل کَرنے والا ، پُورا کَرنے والا ، سہنے والا ، پابَند ، مُطيع ، وفا دار