Meaning of exaggerate in English

To overstate.

Synonyms Amplify,Boast,Boost,Brag,Caricature,Color,Corrupt,Distort,Embroider,Emphasize,Enlarge,Exalt,Expand,Fabricate,Falsify,Fudge,Heighten,Hike,Hyperbolize,Inflate,Intensify,Lie,Magnify,Misquote,Misrepresent,Overdo,Overdraw,Overestimate,Pad,Romance,Romanticize,Scam,Stretch,Up,Build Up,Puff,Cook Up,Pyramid,Put On,Blow Out Of Proportion,Go To Extremes,Overemphasize,
Antonyms Abridge,Compress,Contract,Decrease,Deprecate,Depreciate,Ignore,Lessen,Lower,Minimize,Reduce,Shrink,Understate,Be Modest,Play Down,

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