Meaning of excess in English

That which passes the ordinary, proper, or required limit, measure, or experience.

Synonyms Balance,Enough,Exorbitance,Exuberance,Fat,Glut,Inundation,Lavishness,Leavings,Leftover,Luxuriance,Nimiety,Overdose,Overflow,Overkill,Overload,Overmuch,Overrun,Oversupply,Overweight,Plenty,Plethora,Redundance,Redundancy,Refuse,Remainder,Residue,Rest,Spare,Superabundance,Supererogation,Superfluity,Surfeit,Surplus,Waste,Too Much,Profusion,Wastefulness,Fulsomeness,Recrement,The Limit,
Antonyms Base,Core,Dearth,Deficiency,Deprivation,Economy,Few,Frugality,Insufficiency,Lack,Little,Moderation,Need,Poverty,Scarcity,Shortcoming,Want,Privation,

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