Meaning of exclude in English

To shut out purposely or forcibly.

Synonyms Ban,Bar,Bate,Blackball,Blacklist,Block,Bounce,Boycott,Debar,Disallow,Eject,Eliminate,Embargo,Evict,Except,Ignore,Interdict,Obviate,Occlude,Omit,Ostracize,Oust,Preclude,Refuse,Reject,Remove,Repudiate,Sideline,Suspend,Veto,Prevent,Prohibit,Rule Out,Shut Out,Proscribe,Close Out,Count Out,Estop,Get Rid Of,Pass Over,Put Out,
Antonyms Accept,Add,Admit,Allow,Approve,Choose,Help,Include,Incorporate,Keep,Open,Permit,Ratify,Sanction,Support,Welcome,Let Go,Take On,Take In,

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