Meaning of exclusion in English


Synonyms Ban,Bar,Blackball,Blockade,Boycott,Coventry,Cut,Discharge,Dismissal,Ejection,Elimination,Embargo,Eviction,Exception,Excommunication,Interdict,Interdicting,Interdiction,Lockout,Occlusion,Omission,Ostracism,Preclusion,Refusal,Rejection,Relegation,Removal,Repudiation,Segregation,Separation,Suspension,Veto,Prohibition,Prevention,Proscription,Debarment,Debarring,Keeping Out,Nonadmission,
Antonyms Acceptance,Addition,Admittance,Allowance,Approval,Inclusion,Incorporation,Ok,Permission,Ratification,Sanction,Welcome,

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