explicit Definite


Meaning of explicit Definite in English

Synonyms Absolute,Accurate,Categorical,Certain,Clear,Correct,Definite,Definitive,Direct,Distinct,Exact,Express,Frank,Lucid,Obvious,Open,Outspoken,Patent,Perspicuous,Plain,Positive,Precise,Stated,Straightforward,Sure,Understandable,Unequivocal,Unqualified,Unreserved,
Antonyms Ambiguous,Careless,Confused,Doubtful,Equivocal,False,Fuzzy,Implicit,Imprecise,Inaccurate,Incorrect,Indefinite,Indistinct,Inexact,Obscure,Obscured,Questionable,Uncertain,Unclear,Unfixed,Unreliable,Unspecific,Unsure,Vague,Wrong,

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