Meaning of expository in English

Pertaining to a formal presentation.

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Word of the Day

English Word bravo
Meaning Well done.
Synonyms Acclaim,Acclamation,Accolade,Applause,Appreciation,Approbation,Approval,Boost,Celebration,Cheer,Cheering,Citation,Commendation,Compliment,Cry,Devotion,Encomium,Esteem,Eulogy,Exaltation,Extolment,Flattery,Glorification,Glory,Homage,Hurrah,Hymn,Kudos,Laudation,Obeisance,Ovation,Panegyric,Plaudit,Rave,Recognition,Recommendation,Regard,Sycophancy,Thanks,Tribute,Worship,Puff,Pat On The Back,Big Hand,
Antonyms Blame,Castigation,Censure,Condemnation,Criticism,Denunciation,Disapproval,Disregard,Disrespect,Neglect,Silence,
Urdu Meaning واہ