Meaning of extemporaneous in English

Done or made without much or any preparation.

Synonyms Automatic,Casual,Expedient,Extemporary,Extempore,Fake,Free,Immediate,Impromptu,Improvisatory,Informal,Jamming,Makeshift,Offhand,Snap,Spontaneous,Unplanned,Unpremeditated,Unprepared,Unrehearsed,Winging It,Toss Off,Unstudied,Ad Hoc,By Ear,Improviso,On Impulse,Toss Out,Autoschediastic,
Antonyms Deliberate,Planned,Rehearsed,Premeditated,Prepared,

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Word of the Day

English Word guzzle
Meaning To swallow greedily or hastily; gulp.
Synonyms Bolt,Booze,Carouse,Cram,Devour,Englut,Gobble,Gorge,Gormandize,Imbibe,Ingurgitate,Quaff,Slop,Slosh,Soak,Swig,Swill,Tipple,Knock Back,
Antonyms Abstain,Open,Sip,
Urdu Meaning بہت پینا