Meaning of extension in English

A reaching or stretching out, as in space, time or scope.

Synonyms Addendum,Addition,Adjunct,Amplification,Annex,Appendage,Appendix,Arm,Augmentation,Branch,Broadening,Compass,Continuing,Delay,Development,Dilatation,Distension,Elongation,Expansion,Extent,Increase,Lengthening,Orbit,Postponement,Radius,Reach,Scope,Span,Spread,Stretch,Stretching,Supplement,Sweep,Widening,Wing,Prolongation,Production,Purview,Protraction,Drawing Out,Spreading Out,
Antonyms Abbreviation,Base,Body,Compression,Contraction,Curtailment,Decrease,Lessening,Reduction,Shortening,Subtraction,Abridgment,

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