Meaning of extraordinary in English


Synonyms Amazing,Bizarre,Boss,Curious,Exceptional,Fab,Fantastic,Flash,Gnarly,Heavy,Inconceivable,Incredible,Marvelous,Odd,Outstanding,Particular,Peculiar,Phenomenal,Rare,Remarkable,Singular,Special,Strange,Stupendous,Surprising,Terrific,Uncommon,Unfamiliar,Unimaginable,Unique,Unprecedented,Unthinkable,Unusual,Unwonted,Weird,Wicked,Off Beaten Path,
Antonyms Average,Bad,Believable,Common,Commonplace,Conventional,Customary,Expected,Familiar,General,Indifferent,Inferior,Like,Normal,Ordinary,Plain,Poor,Regular,Similar,Standard,Typical,Unexceptional,Unimportant,Unremarkable,Unsurprising,Usual,Worthless,Unextraordinary,

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