Meaning of feasible in English

That may be done, performed, or effected; practicable.

Synonyms Achievable,Advantageous,Appropriate,Attainable,Beneficial,Breeze,Cinch,Expedient,Fit,Fitting,Likely,Performable,Pie,Practicable,Practical,Realizable,Reasonable,Snap,Suitable,Viable,Workable,Worthwhile,Pushover,Profitable,Probable,Duck Soup,Piece Of Cake,Simple As Abc,Easy As Pie,
Antonyms Disadvantageous,Implausible,Impossible,Impractical,Improper,Inappropriate,Inconceivable,Unattainable,Unfeasible,Unfitting,Unhelpful,Unlikely,Unpractical,Unprofitable,Unreasonable,Unsuitable,Unworkable,Worthless,

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