Meaning of fervent in English

Ardent in feeling.

Synonyms Animated,Ardent,Blazing,Burning,Butch,Devout,Eager,Earnest,Ecstatic,Emotional,Enthused,Excited,Fervid,Fiery,Glowing,Heartfelt,Hearty,Hot,Impassioned,Intense,Passionate,Perfervid,Pious,Religious,Responsive,Serious,Sincere,Tender,Unfeigned,Vehement,Warm,Wholehearted,Zealous,Gung Ho,Dying To,Warmhearted,Gotta Have,
Antonyms Apathetic,Calm,Cold,Cool,Dispassionate,Dispirited,Dull,Frigid,Indifferent,Insincere,Irreligious,Unconcerned,Unenthusiastic,Unexcited,

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Synonyms Defamation,Lie,
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