Meaning of flagrant in English

Openly scandalous.

Synonyms Arrant,Atrocious,Awful,Bold,Brazen,Capital,Conspicuous,Crying,Disgraceful,Dreadful,Egregious,Enormous,Flaming,Flashy,Glaring,Gross,Heinous,Immodest,Infamous,Noticeable,Notorious,Obvious,Open,Ostentatious,Outrageous,Rank,Scandalous,Shameful,Shameless,Shocking,Striking,Undisguised,Wicked,Grody,Hanging Out,
Antonyms Concealed,Disguised,Good,Hidden,Magnificent,Meek,Mild,Moral,Obscure,Respectable,Restrained,Secret,Shy,Timid,Wonderful,

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