Meaning of foolery in English


Synonyms Absurdity,Absurdness,Bunk,Claptrap,Craziness,Folly,Imprudence,Inanity,Indiscretion,Insanity,Insensibility,Irrationality,Irresponsibility,Ludicrousness,Lunacy,Mistake,Poppycock,Rubbish,Senselessness,Silliness,Stupidity,Tommyrot,Twaddle,Unreasonableness,Weakness,Witlessness,Impracticality,Preposterousness,Dumb Trick,Fool Trick,Horse Feathers,
Antonyms Care,Carefulness,Caution,Circumspection,Judgment,Sense,Seriousness,Thoughtfulness,Wisdom,Wiseness,Prudence,

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Word of the Day

English Word loot
Meaning To plunder.
Synonyms Booty,Dough,Graft,Haul,Lift,Make,Money,Pickings,Pillage,Plunder,Seizure,Spoils,Squeeze,Take,Prize,Hot Goods,Plunderage,
Antonyms Demote,Disallow,Discourage,Fail,Give,Halt,Harm,Hurt,Injure,Keep,Lose,Receive,Refuse,Reject,Stop,Prevent,Protect,
Urdu Meaning لوٹ کا مال