Meaning of foretell in English

To predict.

Synonyms Adumbrate,Announce,Anticipate,Apprehend,Augur,Auspicate,Betoken,Bode,Call,Declare,Disclose,Divine,Divulge,Dope,Figure,Forebode,Forecast,Foreknow,Foreshadow,Forewarn,Portend,Read,Reveal,Signify,Soothsay,Tell,Dope Out,Psych,Presage,Proclaim,Prefigure,Prophesy,Figure Out,Prognosticate,Crystal Ball It,Make Book,Call It,Call The Shot,See Something Coming,
Antonyms Conceal,Estimate,Guess,Hide,Listen,Misunderstand,Refrain,Secrete,Suppress,Withhold,

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