Meaning of fortitude in English

Patient courage.

Synonyms Backbone,Boldness,Braveness,Bravery,Constancy,Courage,Courageousness,Determination,Endurance,Fearlessness,Firmness,Grit,Hardihood,Heart,Intrepidity,Mettle,Moxie,Nerve,Patience,Perseverance,Pith,Pluck,Resoluteness,Resolution,Spine,Spirit,Spunk,Stamina,Starch,Stomach,Tenacity,Valiancy,Valor,Dauntlessness,What It Takes,Gutsiness,True Grit,Valorousness,Staying Power,
Antonyms Apathy,Cowardice,Fear,Helplessness,Irresolution,Laziness,Lethargy,Timidity,Weakness,

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