Meaning of fusible in English

Capable of being melted by heat.

Synonyms Aqueous,Damp,Deliquescent,Dissolvable,Dissolved,Dulcet,Fluent,Ichorous,Juicy,Liquefied,Liquescent,Luscious,Mellifluous,Mellow,Melted,Moist,Molten,Moving,Running,Runny,Sappy,Serous,Smooth,Soft,Solvent,Splashing,Succulent,Thawed,Thin,Viscous,Watery,Wet,Pulpy,Fluidic,Mellifluent,Meltable,Uncongealed,
Antonyms Broken,Close,Condensed,Dense,Dry,Firm,Frozen,Hard,Intermittent,Solid,Unavailable,

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