Meaning of futile in English

Of no avail or effect.

Synonyms Abortive,Barren,Bootless,Delusive,Empty,Exhausted,Forlorn,Fruitless,Hollow,Idle,Impracticable,Impractical,Ineffective,Ineffectual,Insufficient,Nugatory,Otiose,Sterile,Trifling,Trivial,Unavailing,Unimportant,Unneeded,Unproductive,Unprofitable,Unreal,Unsatisfactory,Unsubstantial,Unsuccessful,Useless,Vain,Valueless,Worthless,Out The Window,In Vain,On A Treadmill,
Antonyms Effective,Fruitful,Helpful,Hopeful,Successful,Useful,Valuable,Worthwhile,Productive,Profitable,

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