Meaning of geniality in English

Warmth and kindliness of disposition.

Synonyms Affability,Agreeability,Agreeableness,Amenity,Amiability,Cheerfulness,Cheeriness,Conviviality,Cordiality,Enjoyableness,Friendliness,Gladness,Happiness,Heartiness,Jollity,Joviality,Joy,Joyousness,Kindliness,Kindness,Mirth,Pleasance,Pleasantness,Sunniness,Warmth,Good Cheer,Gratefulness,Warmheartedness,Good Nature,
Antonyms Aloofness,Coldness,Coolness,Depression,Gloom,Irritation,Moodiness,Sadness,Sorrow,Unfriendliness,Unhappiness,Woe,

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