Meaning of genteel in English

Well-bred or refined.

Synonyms Affected,Aristocratic,Artificial,Chivalrous,Civil,Confined,Courteous,Courtly,Cultivated,Elegant,Fashionable,Formal,Graceful,Hollow,Intolerant,Mannerly,Noble,Ostentatious,Polished,Polite,Pompous,Precious,Refined,Respectable,Stuffy,Stylish,Urbane,Priggish,Pretentious,Prudish,Prissy,Prim,Straitlaced,
Antonyms Boorish,Callous,Rough,Rude,Rugged,Uncivilized,Uncultured,Unfashionable,Unrefined,Unsophisticated,

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