Meaning of grapple in English

To take hold of.

Synonyms Attack,Battle,Catch,Clash,Clasp,Close,Clutch,Combat,Confront,Contend,Cope,Encounter,Engage,Face,Fasten,Fight,Grasp,Grip,Hold,Hook,Hug,Nab,Nail,Scuffle,Seize,Snatch,Struggle,Tackle,Take,Tussle,Take On,Deal With,Do Battle,
Antonyms Agree,Avoid,Cancel,Disconnect,Dodge,Free,Give,Idle,Liberate,Lose,Misunderstand,Offer,Open,Receive,Refuse,Reject,Release,Retreat,Run,Stop,Support,Surrender,Unfasten,Unlock,Yield,Let Go,Make Peace,Be Immune,

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