Meaning of grotesque in English

Incongruously composed or ill-proportioned.

Synonyms Aberrant,Abnormal,Absurd,Antic,Bizarre,Deformed,Distorted,Eerie,Extravagant,Extreme,Fanciful,Fantastic,Flamboyant,Freakish,Gross,Incongruous,Ludicrous,Malformed,Monstrous,Odd,Outlandish,Perverted,Queer,Ridiculous,Strange,Surrealistic,Uncanny,Unnatural,Weird,Whimsical,Preposterous,Grody,
Antonyms Beautiful,Common,Familiar,Little,Logical,Moderate,Nice,Normal,Ordinary,Reasonable,Regular,Sensible,Serious,Shapely,Small,Standard,Tiny,Usual,Pretty,

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