Meaning of habitual in English

According to usual practice.

Synonyms Accepted,Accustomed,Addicted,Automatic,Chronic,Common,Confirmed,Constant,Continual,Conventional,Customary,Cyclic,Familiar,Fixed,Frequent,Hardened,Ingrained,Inveterate,Iterative,Mechanical,Methodical,Natural,Normal,Ordinary,Perfunctory,Permanent,Perpetual,Persistent,Practiced,Recurrent,Regular,Reiterative,Repeated,Repetitious,Rooted,Routine,Seasoned,Set,Standard,Steady,Systematic,Traditional,Wonted,
Antonyms Infrequent,Intermittent,Occasional,Rare,Seldom,Temporary,Uncommon,Unestablished,Unusual,

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