Meaning of heedless in English


Synonyms Daydreaming,Disregardful,Feckless,Foolhardy,Impetuous,Imprudent,Inadvertent,Inattentive,Incautious,Inconsiderate,Neglectful,Negligent,Oblivious,Precipitate,Rash,Reckless,Slapdash,Sloppy,Thoughtless,Uncaring,Unmindful,Unobservant,Unthinking,Unwary,Out To Lunch,Goofing Off,Irreflective,Asleep At The Switch,
Antonyms Attentive,Careful,Caring,Cautious,Concerned,Heedful,Observant,Thoughtful,

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English Word calumny Slander
Synonyms Defamation,Lie,
Urdu Meaning تہمت