Meaning of henchman in English

A servile assistant and subordinate.

Synonyms Abettor,Accessory,Accomplice,Adherent,Adjunct,Aide,Ally,Appointee,Apprentice,Assistant,Attendant,Backer,Backup,Bodyguard,Coadjutor,Cohort,Collaborator,Colleague,Companion,Deputy,Flunky,Friend,Gofer,Help,Helper,Helpmate,Lackey,Partner,Secretary,Servant,Sidekick,Stooge,Subordinate,Supporter,Girl Friday,Man Friday,Coadjutant,Fellow Worker,Gal Friday,
Antonyms Adversary,Antagonist,Boss,Chief,Detractor,Enemy,Foe,Leader,Manager,Master,Opponent,Opposer,Superior,

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