Meaning of hermit in English

a person who lives alone and keeps away from people

  1. The hermit lived in a cave.

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Word of the Day

English Word emphasize
Meaning To articulate or enunciate with special impressiveness upon a word, or a group of words.
Synonyms Accent,Accentuate,Affirm,Articulate,Assert,Charge,Dramatize,Enlarge,Enunciate,Headline,Highlight,Hit,Impress,Indicate,Limelight,Maintain,Mark,Pinpoint,Reiterate,Repeat,Spotlight,Underline,Underscore,Weight,Make Clear,Italicize,Dwell On,Play Up,Make Emphatic,Point Up,Rub In,Pronounce,Press,Point Out,Bear Down,Insist On,Punctuate,Labor The Point,Make A Point,Put Accent On,
Antonyms Deny,Depreciate,Forget,Ignore,Lose,Mumble,Understate,Play Down,
Urdu Meaning کسی خاص لفظ پر زور دینا