Meaning of heteromorphic in English

Deviating from the normal form or standard type.

Synonyms Aberrant,Anomalistic,Anomalous,Atypical,Bizarre,Curious,Deviant,Deviate,Deviating,Divergent,Eccentric,Exceptional,Extraordinary,Fantastic,Funny,Gross,Heteroclite,Heterodox,Irregular,Odd,Peculiar,Queer,Screwy,Spastic,Strange,Uncommon,Unexpected,Unnatural,Unorthodox,Unusual,Weird,Preternatural,Grody,
Antonyms Common,Conforming,Conventional,Customary,Expected,Familiar,Normal,Ordinary,Regular,Standard,Straight,Usual,

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Word of the Day

English Word disunion
Meaning Separation of relations or interests.
Synonyms Argument,Breakup,Conflict,Detachment,Disagreement,Disconnection,Discord,Disjunction,Disjuncture,Dispute,Dissension,Dissidence,Disunity,Divergence,Divergency,Divorce,Parting,Partition,Separation,Severance,Split,
Antonyms Accord,Agreement,Attachment,Concord,Harmony,Juncture,Marriage,Peace,Sameness,Union,
Urdu Meaning جدائی