Meaning of hoard in English

To gather and store away for the sake of accumulation.

Synonyms Abundance,Accumulation,Agglomeration,Aggregation,Amassment,Backlog,Cache,Collection,Conglomeration,Cumulation,Fund,Garner,Heap,Inventory,Mass,Pile,Reserve,Reservoir,Riches,Stock,Store,Supply,Treasure,Trove,Wealth,Nest Egg,
Antonyms Debt,Lack,Need,Poverty,

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Word of the Day

English Word Afterword
Meaning ?a section at the end of a book that says something about the main text, and may be written by a different author
Urdu Meaning کِتاب کے آخِر میں خصوصاً مُصنِف کے عِلاوہ کِسی اور کے تاثرات ، پسِ نوشت ، حرف آخر