Meaning of hostility in English


Synonyms Abhorrence,Aggression,Animosity,Animus,Antipathy,Aversion,Bellicosity,Belligerence,Bitterness,Detestation,Disaffection,Enmity,Estrangement,Grudge,Hatred,Malevolence,Malice,Opposition,Rancor,Resentment,Spite,Spleen,Unfriendliness,Venom,Virulence,War,Warpath,Ill Will,Bad Blood,Inimicality,
Antonyms Agreeableness,Benevolence,Friendliness,Friendship,Gentleness,Happiness,Kindness,Like,Liking,Love,Loving,Niceness,Peace,Respect,Sympathy,Good Will,

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Word of the Day

English Word abject
Meaning Sunk to a low condition.
Synonyms Base,Contemptible,Degraded,Dejected,Deplorable,Dishonorable,Fawning,Forlorn,Groveling,Hangdog,Humiliated,Low,Miserable,Outcast,Pitiable,Servile,Submissive,Worthless,Wretched,
Antonyms Commendable,Exalted,Excellent,Magnificent,Noble,Worthy,Proud,
Urdu Meaning پست