Meaning of ignoble in English

Low in character or purpose.

Synonyms Abject,Base,Coarse,Common,Contemptible,Corrupt,Craven,Dastardly,Degenerate,Degraded,Despicable,Disgraceful,Dishonorable,Heinous,Humble,Infamous,Inferior,Lewd,Low,Mean,Menial,Modest,Ordinary,Peasant,Petty,Plain,Plebeian,Poor,Rotten,Scurvy,Servile,Shabby,Shameful,Simple,Sordid,Unwashed,Vile,Vulgar,Wicked,Wretched,Wrong,Baseborn,
Antonyms Dignified,Grand,High,Honorable,Noble,Reputable,Respectable,Worthy,

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