Meaning of illogical in English

Contrary to the rules of sound thought.

Synonyms Absurd,Cockeyed,Fallacious,False,Fatuous,Faulty,Groundless,Hollow,Implausible,Inconclusive,Incongruous,Inconsequent,Inconsistent,Incorrect,Invalid,Irrational,Irrelevant,Mad,Meaningless,Nutty,Screwy,Senseless,Sophistic,Sophistical,Specious,Spurious,Unconnected,Unproved,Unreasonable,Unscientific,Unsound,Unsubstantial,Untenable,Wacky,Preposterous,Off The Wall,Casuistic,Not Following,Without Foundation,Without Basis,
Antonyms Correct,Logical,Meaningful,Rational,Reasonable,Right,Sensible,True,Wise,

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