Meaning of imaginary in English


Synonyms Abstract,Apocryphal,Apparitional,Assumed,Chimerical,Deceptive,Delusive,Dreamlike,Dreamy,Fabulous,Fancied,Fanciful,Fantastic,Fictional,Hallucinatory,Hypothetical,Ideal,Illusive,Illusory,Imaginative,Imagined,Legendary,Mythological,Nonexistent,Notional,Phantasmal,Phantasmic,Quixotic,Shadowy,Spectral,Supposed,Supposititious,Theoretical,Unreal,Unsubstantial,Visionary,Whimsical,Trumped Up,Figmental,
Antonyms Existing,Factual,Genuine,Ordinary,Physical,Practical,Real,Substantial,True,Proven,

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