Meaning of imitation in English

That which is made as a likeness or copy.

Synonyms Apery,Aping,Clone,Copy,Counterfeit,Counterfeiting,Counterpart,Ditto,Dupe,Duplicate,Duplication,Ersatz,Fake,Forgery,Image,Impersonation,Impression,Likeness,Match,Matching,Mime,Mimicry,Mockery,Parallel,Parody,Picture,Reflection,Replica,Representing,Reproduction,Resemblance,Ringer,Semblance,Sham,Simulacrum,Transcription,Travesty,Xerox,Takeoff,Carbon Copy,Mimesis,
Antonyms Difference,Opposite,Original,Reality,Reverse,Seriousness,Solemnity,

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