Meaning of immense in English

Very great in degree, extent, size, or quantity.

Synonyms Boundless,Colossal,Elephantine,Endless,Enormous,Eternal,Extensive,Giant,Gigantic,Great,Gross,Huge,Illimitable,Immeasurable,Infinite,Interminable,Jumbo,Limitless,Mammoth,Massive,Measureless,Mighty,Monstrous,Monumental,Stupendous,Super,Titanic,Tremendous,Unbounded,Vast,Prodigious,Brobdingnagian,Barn Door,
Antonyms Bounded,Calculable,Common,Ending,Finite,Insignificant,Limited,Little,Measurable,Miniature,Minute,Narrow,Ordinary,Restricted,Short,Small,Teeny,Tiny,Unimportant,

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