Meaning of immerse in English

To plunge or dip entirely under water or other fluid.

Synonyms Asperse,Baptize,Bathe,Bury,Christen,Dip,Douse,Drench,Drown,Duck,Dunk,Merge,Plunge,Saturate,Sink,Slop,Soak,Souse,Sprinkle,Steep,Submerse,
Antonyms Ascend,Dehydrate,Disinvolve,Dry,Ignore,Increase,Neglect,Retrieve,Rise,

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Word of the Day

English Word brevity
Meaning Shortness of duration.
Synonyms Conciseness,Concision,Condensation,Crispness,Curtness,Economy,Ephemerality,Impermanence,Pithiness,Pointedness,Succinctness,Terseness,Transience,Transitoriness,
Antonyms Lengthiness,Longevity,Permanence,
Urdu Meaning ایجاز