Meaning of impair in English

To cause to become less or worse.

Synonyms Blemish,Blunt,Cheapen,Damage,Debase,Debilitate,Decrease,Destroy,Deteriorate,Devalue,Diminish,Ding,Disqualify,Enervate,Enfeeble,Hurt,Injure,Invalidate,Lessen,Mar,Queer,Reduce,Spoil,Tarnish,Total,Tweak,Undermine,Unfit,Vitiate,Weaken,Worsen,Rough Up,Prejudice,Devaluate,Lose Strength,Make Useless,
Antonyms Aid,Assist,Cure,Develop,Enhance,Enlarge,Expand,Extend,Fix,Grow,Heal,Help,Improve,Increase,Invigorate,Mend,Permit,Raise,Repair,Strengthen,Upgrade,

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