Meaning of impassive in English

Unmoved by or not exhibiting feeling.

Synonyms Aadil,Apathetic,Callous,Cold,Collected,Composed,Dispassionate,Dry,Emotionless,Hardened,Heartless,Imperturbable,Indifferent,Indurated,Inscrutable,Insensible,Insusceptible,Nonchalant,Passionless,Phlegmatic,Placid,Reserved,Reticent,Sedate,Serene,Spiritless,Stoic,Stoical,Stolid,Taciturn,Unconcerned,Unemotional,Unfeeling,Unflappable,Unmoved,Unruffled,Wooden,Inexpressive,Inexcitable,
Antonyms Agitated,Communicative,Emotional,Excited,Feeling,Nervous,Passionate,Responsive,Sensitive,Susceptible,Warm,

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